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MUAK (People Together) began life in East London as one of the areas first house music events brands and has come to be recognised as part of the fabric of London’s dance community. Having preached the gospel of deep house for many a year on the cities dance floors, they stepped out from behind the decks and into the studio to produce a series of releases aimed at keeping the MUAK faithful, and beyond, dancing until the early hours. MUAK Music the record label was born and now exists alongside the events, with both championing its much-loved passion for deep house music. The integrity of the MUAK interpretation has created a loyal and international following.


Zaki Lais said: “MUAK Music has been our most exciting project to date. The marriage of live music to our already infamous parties will ensure that we remain as standard bearers for the music we love – the deep house sound.”


MUAK Music has recently celebrated its 94th release, including its first artist album entitled, Colours from label boss, Zaki.  


Released Label Artists…

A Lister, Act Natural, Adala, Affect!, Aki Bergen, Anton Dhouran, Arco, Arnaud D, Audiowhores, B.A.X. Boogie Rapture, Brother Nick, Cadatta, Cera Alba, Da Funk, Dance Committee, Daniel Rateuke, Dante & Remy, DJ Fudge, DJ Le Roi, DPlay, Elias Tzikas, Giom, , Groove Govner, Hideo Kobayashi, Jamc Groove, Jed Project, Jon Celius, Kornell Halasz, Kremser & Roucka, Kyle E, Kyodai, Layabouts, Manish,  Manuel Tur, Martin Kremser, Mario Franca, Marvin Dez, Matthew Bandy, Milton Jackson, Nacho Marco, Nestora, Parlando, Red Cloud, Ross Couch, Savaggio, Scott Diaz, Shik Stylko, Shur-I-Kan, Silky, Solartape, Spiritchaser, Steve Mill, Steyger, Teckaiser, Third Chapter, Uner, Vandermeer, Zaki


Previous Event Guests…


A Lister, Act Natural, Affect!, Aki Bergen, Alix Alvarez, Arnaud D, Andre Lodemann, Andy Caldwell, Audiowhores, Boogie Rapture, Brother Nick, Cadatta, Ceej (NYC), Cera Alba, Charles Webster, Coyu, Da Funk, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Deep, DJ Spen, DJ Le Roi, DJ Sneak, DPlay, Elias Tzikas, Fabio Genito, Fish Go Deep, Franck Roger, Fred Everything, Giom, Hideo Kobayashi, Hyenah. Ian Pooley, Jamc Groove, Jed Project, Jimpster, Jon Celius, Jon Cutler, Karizma, Kaskade, Kerri Chandler, Kollectiv Turmstrasse, Kremser & Roucka, Kyodai, Layabouts, Lovebirds, Mr V, Manish, Manuel Tur, Matthew Bandy, Milton Jackson, Nacho Marco, Nestora, Osunlade, Paji, Pezzner, Phonique, Rocco, Ron Trent, Ross Couch, Ryralio DJ’s, Saison, Sam Russo, Satoshi Fumi, Scope, Scott Diaz, Shik Stylko, Shur-I-Kan, Silky, Solartape, Spiritchaser, Steve Mill, Steyger, Teddy Douglas, The Martinez Brothers, Third Chapter, Tom Middleton, Trus’me, Uner, Vandermeer, Zaki

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